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Lavish bathroom mirrors from the house of Goerres: Get Goerres! Get the BEST!

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall! A bathroom is incomplete with me on the wall!

Goerres bathroom mirrors are the best décor of all!

Why choose a bathroom mirror?

Every morning, waking up, getting ready gives a kick start to the day but can we imagine going out without a self-look in the bathroom mirror? We guess, not! Before one asks anyone else, we ask the bathroom mirror as if it is going to reply, “Am I ready?”.
Besides the purpose of a bathroom mirror or just a basic washbasin mirror, it has become an integral element for enhancing the elegance of the bathroom décor. Goerres bathroom mirrors come in multi-dimensional intricate patterns and designs engraved or carved on them.

Large Wall Mirror with LED Clock Archives - Goerres Group middle east

60x80cm Mirror with Crystal – Goerres Group middle east


Bathroom Mirrors Archives - Goerres Group middle east

80 cm Round Mirror with Crystal LED


Bathroom Mirrors Archives - Goerres Group middle east

Mirror with lighting 50 cm round – Goerres Group middle east


Bathroom Mirrors Archives - Goerres Group middle east

Oval Mirror Wooden Frame


Bathroom Mirrors Archives - Goerres Group middle east

Round 60 cm Natural Stone in gold mirror


Uplift the décor of your bathroom wall, never the less and never the more! We have a coruscating collection of bathroom mirrors that has subtle options for all kinds of bathrooms; from filling up the dull space of an empty wall to being the main attraction of the bathroom, we have a style for all tastes! Goerres offers a range of decorative bathroom mirrors coming in different shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Either choose a round mirror, rectangle, oval, square or abstract-shaped, you’ll find each design with a unique elegance that complements a classic, basic, modern, vintage, antique and other themes. Goerres bathroom mirrors feature a frame made of metal, solid wood, engineered wood, glass, resin, iron, differently coloured marbles and natural stones. There are mirrors with LED further illuminating the bathroom. Get Goerres! Get the BEST! Why Goerres bathroom mirrors?   Variety of eye-catchy designs to address different styles, themes and bathroom fittings and furniture. Our bathroom mirrors are made of high-quality explosion-proof film. Even if the mirror breaks, it won’t splash. We care for you, your family and your guests! Our bathroom mirrors are substantial and yet lightweight, just what your bathroom wall needs to make a statement. Clear and rich finishing and easy to fix and fit as and where desired. Since bathroom mirrors are fragile, we have you covered with our high-quality packaging that will ensure that you are delivered with the product safely and in perfect condition.