LED mirror for bathroom

The mirrors of the bathrooms are much different from the normal mirrors as they are usually made of tempered glass. The tempered glass if it is broken will shatter into very small pieces which will limit the risks of getting injured. The mirrors of the bathrooms are very different from the normal mirrors in many other aspects which we will cover in this article. Also, we will be covering different types of bathroom mirrors and what makes the LED mirrors for the bathroom is much desirable.


What are the differences between the traditional mirrors and bathroom mirrors?

Speaking of the comparison between the traditional mirror and the bathroom mirrors, the main difference is that the mirrors of the bathrooms are different in size and shape from the traditional mirrors in order to match the sink vanity of the bathrooms. In many cases we can see that the sinks of the bathroom are square in order to keep the relative shape to the vanity

What are the bathroom mirrors used for?

For both genders, the bathroom mirrors have lots of benefits and can be used in many things, most important of which are:

  • It is used by girls for applying the makeup
  • It can be used for facial care
  • Cleaning and washing the face, and many more benefits

Consideration to put in mind before buying a mirror for bathroom

The most important consideration that you have to put in mind is the size of the mirror, before buying any bathroom mirror you must determine its size, as if you buy a big mirror, it will be so hard when cleaning the top corners of it

Also, you have to take in mind the thickness of the mirror. As most of the measures of the mirrors are 3/16 inch of thickness. Slimmer mirrors might be broken if they are stuck hard whether if the mirror slipped out from you hand our struck by a closing door. So, it is good to take caution for any bad scenarios.

What makes the LED mirrors for bathrooms so special?

LED Mirror for Bathroom

LED mirrors for the bathroom can add a lot of value to your home and it will be profitable in case you decided to sell it. The LED mirrors for the bathroom can enhance the appearance of the bathroom in many different ways; it will also make the bathroom more attractive. You may not recognize the benefits of using LED mirrors for the bathroom at first, but in time you will see that using lighted mirrors can be beneficial and quite perfect additive to your home and life

So, before beginning to think of buying a LED mirror for your bathroom, you must know how those mirror are operate and what are the benefits of buying them and also you should know their different styles that are available in the market.

Knowing all this information about the LED mirror for bathrooms will help you decide and well prepared before buying the suitable mirror for your bathroom which matches your needs and give you the help you need when you decide to renovate your bathroom


How do LED mirrors work? 

Many nowadays are using LED mirrors for the bathrooms in order to offer an extra light in dark. For instance, we see LED mirrors for bathrooms that have lights on the top in order to provide a glow on a large area

Others use LED mirrors for bathrooms that utilize the light along the sides and the bottom in order to make a more immersive glove for the girls to do their makeup

There are other LED mirrors with high quality that uses a backlit (a backlit means that the light is behind the mirror). Using the backlit mirrors create a softer light. This type of mirrors come with different size and shapes, it varies from a bathroom to another


However, Understanding the benefits of the LED mirrors will help know if they are suitable to your needs or not. Not all of us need a lighted mirror, yet they are used by those who appreciate the benefits provided.

The Benefits of the LED Mirrors

You need to be fully aware of the benefits provided by the LED mirrors. These mirrors have lots of advantages that will not only add a value to your home but also will make it look better. The upcoming benefits that we will provide make the lighted mirrors more than worth as:

  • Enhance your light experience: having a path in a dark bathroom is a frustrating idea. Using high quality led mirrors will minimize this fear and make this situation much easy to handle.
  • It will make your bathroom more attractive: as the lighted mirrors will make the bathroom more attractive for the guests and any potential buyers that would like to buy your home. So they will be excellent vanities for your bathroom in case you wanted to flip it and save some money for yourself.
  • A valuable boost: small changes that you make in the bathroom or the home in general will provide high value to your home. As adding lighted mirrors in all over your house not only the bathroom can add couple or even more thousands of dollars of value to your house.
  • Enhanced operation: lighted mirrors utilize a myriad of enhanced features to boost their appearance such as the colored lighting, timed lighting and many more. Others might have frames around the mirror that will make the mirror more attractive


There are many other decorative options that are provided by these bathrooms that will make the LED mirrors an excellent choice for many. These benefits do exist in many lighted mirrors. These benefits include the backlit mirrors and multitude of other elements that will provide a unique lightening situation to your home. The backlit mirrors are nice as they create a subtle glow that will light the bathroom in subtle ways.



LED Mirrors save money?!

LED mirrors are probably the most common and helpful type of mirrors these days. These types of mirrors provide a myriad of design choices that add a great look and will offer more benefits such as:

  • Saving the energy: as the high quality LED lights will lower the energy bill and will operate for about 50000 hours- which is about 10 years of usage- which indicates that they can be used for much longer in real life
  • Anti-fog: the LED mirrors utilize an anti-fog system in order to protect the lighted mirror from being fogged while taking a hot path. This benefit will make it much easier for you to use the mirror when you finish the bath without getting annoyed because of swiping the mirror with your hand
  • The light is healthy: as the people might get exposed to high level of blue light when they interact with electronic devices such as the computers or the cell phones. The LED lights can provide a high quality of light that is similar to the natural light
  • Very cool and attractive decoration: the LED lights add a cool look and it provides lots of options and styles for the bathroom. It has other even better feature, which is you can utilize different color bulbs in order to create an attractive and stylish look and décor for the bathroom
  • Durable design: the Led light are durable when you compare it with other lights. They withstand to other types of wear and tear damages. They are durable more than the other average light bulbs

While many other types of lighted mirrors exist in the market, we can say that the LED mirrors are one of the most beneficial experiences and high quality mirrors. So don’t hesitate to ask for help from a home renovation experts like us for more information about the LED mirrors for bathrooms in order to learn more about the suitable lighted mirror that will match your interests. And put in your mind that lighted mirrors will not make every home look better and great



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As concluded from this article. The LED mirrors are worth of each dollar you spend in case you wanted your home to look great and nicer. So, installing a high-quality LED mirror in bathroom is a perfect decision for any person. If you have an extra money for renovating your bathroom to boost the appearance don’t hesitate in contacting us to learn more about the perfect LED mirror for your bathrooms

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